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Members of a Webmaster’s Team

Webmaster resources | on Apr. 27, 2011 | by 0 Comments

A webmaster hardly works in isolation, unless they are under a contract job with minimal technical requirements. In the case where a website includes a lot of parts, the magnitude of the work increases, and this means that the webmaster will most likely not work alone. In such a case, there are different team players that are included as part of the team and their job is to work in unison to make sure that the client’s vision is met. A lot of consultation is usually done as a result, to ensure that the small progresses made are in accordance with the idea created for the site.


One important member is a web designer. They are responsible for creating the web layout, and basically conceiving the framework that the whole website will be based on. They strategically decide how many web pages are going to be created, the theme that will be adopted, the colors that are going to be used, and how the overall site is going to look like. They consult with the webmaster and the client to ensure that the kind of website being created is precisely the one the client had in mind.


Graphic designers are also part of the team. They are responsible for the development of files for pages. Their prowess will lead them to creating videos, images, models and so on. They take care of any graphic needs the website may have. They work with the web designer to ensure that the desired graphic support is offered for each page. Prior training is a prerequisite, as graphics design has a lot of technicalities.


A web producer is another indispensable member of a webmaster’s team. They have expertise in coding language, most notably HTML and CSS. They work with the contents developer, to convert the created pages into HTML so that they can be read by the different browsers. The level of complexity of their job is dependent on the expectations that the client has. The aforementioned contents developer is responsible for generating the material that is needed for a website. The initial numbers of pages are cited by both the webmaster and the client. Contents developer is supposed to be proficient in technical writing. They may or may not have HTML knowledge.


A programmer is another member of the team. They should be informed in the use of, Java, Flash, JavaScript and PHP and in making server configurations. Their range of skills is dependent on the demands on the job, with the webmaster supplementing their efforts, and dealing with the kind of programs that the programmer does not have a full understanding of. The last member of the team is the marketer. They are responsible for website marketing, and ensuring that the site becomes known on the internet. They work with the contents developer to ensure the content created is optimized for the search engines.


A webmaster leads the team. They are the technical planner, and quality controllers, ensuring that the standards set are met.

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