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How to Classify SEO Techniques

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The internet technique SEO is one that has been classified into two broad categories by some webmasters. They are:

  • The kind of SEO techniques that are recognized and approved as a part of a good design by search engines and;
  • Spamdexing. The kind of SEO techniques that are not approved by search engines and which the operators of search engines try to minimize the effect they produce.

Another way in which SEO has been categorized is by classifying the two techniques above into white hat and black hat SEOs respectively. This classification is one that has been done by some web industry commentators. This classification is used to classify both the technique being employed and the people make use of the techniques. White hat SEO techniques are the type of SEO techniques that receives the favor of search engines and they produce a result that are longer lasting in the long run. On the other hand, black hat SEO eventually gets the disfavor of search engines and will place a ban on the site that employs it. Now let us go ahead with a more detailed explanation of what white hat SEO and black hat SEO means.

We will begin with black hat SEO. Black hat SEO is a technique that is used to improve the ranking of a website or page in any kind of way that search engine do not approve or in ways that a visitor to such a site can get deceived. Black hat SEOs are used in two ways, either as cloaking or hidden text. Cloaking method when used in black hat SEO will land the visitor to a site employing it in pages that are different, making a difference between a human visitor and search engine. In the other way, a black hat technique will make use of hidden text. The text can either be one that is given a color that is the same as that of the site’s background. The hidden text can also be in the form of an invisible div a text that is positioned off the screen.

As for white hat SEO, there is no for of deception involved and the site that employs this SEO technique is one that is presented in a way that conforms with the regulations of the search engines. White hat SEO techniques are those that provide content for users and not for just search engines. They provide quality content for the use of people who are interested in getting quality contents by conducting a search on search engine. Web development that promotes accessibility is something that is similar to white hat SEO. When white hat SEO is employed on a website or page, any visitor that visits the site will not get anything different from what has been indexed and ranked by search engines. SEO techniques promote effective marketing and transparency just like traditional marketing. And the result that is received by employing white hat marketing is good exposure and a higher number of repeated visitors, hence more sales in the long run.

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