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Lies About Strategic Keyword Search

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You do not need to fall for the lies that continue to go around the net about keyword search because what a number of the providers call strategic keyword search are irrelevant, out of date, communicated in very bad ways, or incorrect. This has made it a bit difficult to find good advice on strategic keyword search on the internet. Here are some of the falsehoods that people get fed with about strategic keyword search.

Have you ever heard about the false fact that red boxes and over the top red arrows are compulsory to be the site to rank number one in a search result on search engines and make great sales? They tell you that when a lot of people search for a specific keyword like “cookie the be to of and a in” you will get the traffic. Don’t fall for that! That is not a true test to determine whether a competition is won. The ranking might not get you visitors that revert to becoming customers. If you are interested in measuring how competitive a particular keyword is, search for the term and take the pain to get the first five pages in the result open. Then you know who to compete with to get meaningful traffic, not the millions that can likely be in the search result.  Try doing some analysis yourself. You can determine the page authority and the number of pages linking to a site by using a tool like Open Site Explorer. Find out if the ranking page is targeting the right keyword that will make the site in question to receive heavy traffic. You can also determine there if the ranking is one that is gotten incidentally.

The way to go about determining the true competition for a specific keyword is one that can be complicated and which requires some level of experience but you can get good information on the specifics by looking at search engine results pages to get some good knowledge in this regard. Looking at non-strategic SEOs, you will see that it is a means to get things done by learning on the way; it’s a trial and error way to discover whether campaigns will fail or succeed. On the other hand, strategic SEO will get it right from the scratch, the success of campaigns or otherwise are things that can be determines before starting out. The knowledge to determine from the onset is one that is based on lessons which have been learned from case studies and several results available on query pages.

On a final note, let us inform you that keyword research is important before starting a crusade that is based on SEO, it will definitely save you a lot of stress and financial waste that can be associated with changing your course of action in the midstream. So, you need to employ a strategic approach to select the specific keywords that will deliver to you the result you desire and within the timeframe you desire.

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