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SEO Is Not the Only Form of Marketing Strategy

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There are a number of marketing strategies that can be used by different websites so that they can get a higher ranking in searches made on search engines and promote the number of visitors to their site, thereby achieve more success in the sales of their product or service. Every site does not need to employ SEO techniques, the technique to be used should be one that is based on the preference of the operator of the website or page and it should align with the goals and aspirations he has for his site. There are other alternative like paid search advertisement.

A paid search advert is an alternative to SEO that can be used to promote a site by increasing the number of its visitors. This technique has its own kind of SEO that it employs; it is called ATO (Ad Text Optimization). It involves paying for the advertisement of the website or page and what the site is trying to promote.

It has been found out that search engine algorithms do change their mode of operation from time to time in ways that cannot be determined, as search engines are not paid for directing organic traffic to websites. In this vain, SEO techniques are not marketing strategies that a business is supposed to depend upon entirely if it wants to maintain its level of success because of the uncertainties that are associated with search engine algorithms. Although a satisfactory rate of return on investment can be recorded in the use of SEO techniques, a business that solely depends on its use to get business done can record heavy losses anytime the search engine algorithm changes its mode of operation. This is because when the algorithm of a search engine changes, the search engine can stop sending traffic to the business’ website. Paid trading sites like the eBay seem to be ahead in this, because eBay will normally announce when its algorithm will change months before it does so.

A good marketing strategy that has been suggested by some experts is that business websites should be linked to other websites in order to achieve success because it has been found out that the traffic that websites record come mostly from links to other websites, only a small amount of traffic has been seen to be recorded by website as a result of searches made in search engines.

Whatever technique is employed to go with in a marketing crusade in order to drive organic traffic to a site through optimization techniques that does not involve the payment for advertisement, or those that involve paying for advertisement,  it should altogether aim at building high quality web pages that have contents that will engage and persuade visitors, address technical issues that are capable of keeping search engines from crawling at sites, set up analytics that will help website owners to gauge their success and it need to improve the conversion rate of websites. That is really a shocking revelation for site owners that are heavily dependent on SEO for traffic.

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