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Cool features free HTML editor

HTML | on Apr. 24, 2011 | by 0 Comments

Web designing involves a lot of work and it is not unusual to find designers or webmasters overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do. This can be for example; designing and editing the HTML elements of websites which were previously created. Luckily for them, there are HTML editors that have cool features to ease the workload for example the free HTML editor 9.5.

Free HTML editor 9.5 keeps the layout well organized with the frames, tables, forms, fonts, lists and style sheets that it come with. This saves the webmaster a lot of time because of not having to start the procedure from the beginning. These features also assist in eliminating any broken links and tags as well as badly referenced images. The text content of the site can be checked for grammar in several languages with the free custom spell check of this editor. This is facilitated by the dictionary which can be used into practically any language.

The free HTML editor allows you to upload your WebPages by the use of the in-built FTP client. This element also allows the regular updates and you can work with files directly to the server. There is provision of the image and link insertion tool which allows you to insert images at the position of interest within the site. This editor comes with a background which makes it quite easy for you to add content and images guided by the background to ensure good contrast. It also comes with many quality graphics and images that will save you the hassle of looking for quality graphical elements to use. In case you have other content that you would like to use on the editor, you can always import it.  JavaScript, CSS, Images and other important can be downloaded from the internet and imported to the editor.

It is obvious that all people make mistakes even the most experienced webmasters. Whenever you make mistakes, you do not need to undo unlimited times to eliminate all the mistakes in the site. These mistakes are easily eliminated by the click of a mouse using the free HTML editor. This editor allows you to handle many pages at a time which allows fast editing of the site. You can imagine if you had a large site with thousands of pages that needed to be edited; it would take ages to finish without such a tool. The editor provides an option to switch between HTML files which also makes editing and updating fast. You can collapse the pages to conserve what you have updated. Split screen preview which is availed by the free editor allows you to observe the webpage on the browser from the code editor.

The free HTML editor has many functions and one of the most important is that it allows the webmaster to save a lot of time when editing and updating the site. If you have not known of this yet, try taking advantage of these cool features. The editor is available for  download on the internet.

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