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HTML guide for using eBay

HTML | on Apr. 21, 2011 | by 0 Comments

That HTML is one of the simplest languages used in web design is already an overstated fact especially to many web designers and website owners. Perhaps it is due to the simplicity of HTML that it has found a permanent place in the industry of web design and in the tools of many webmasters especially those in the online world for business. The use of HTML is especially popular in ecommerce sites due to the fact that web users and especially online shoppers are attracted by simplicity. HTML has been used in any type of websites with amazing results but it is not just in the websites that it works wonders. HTML can be used with amazing success in eBay listings. Not only does it add elegance to your eBay listings but it will also bring in new traffic and you get to watch as your revenues grow by the day.

The use of HTML in eBay listings is very easy just as long as you have all the required tools. The tools are not at all hard to get and they can be accessed from the ‘Advanced Seller’ options on eBay where they are available at a fee. If you are operating on a budget and would want to keep off the buying option, you can have it your way by programming your own tools depending on your specific needs.

HTML on its own is a self explanatory language which might be just what you need to spice up your eBay listings. There are several things you need to know when you are using HTML on your eBay listings; things which are basic to the usage of HTML in any other application or place. If you are using paragraphs, do not forget to include the <p>, </p> tags at the beginning and end of your paragraph respectively. If you intend to start a new line without skipping any space, use the tag <br> and to draw a horizontal line, you use the tag <hr>. If you need to add text formatting effects such as bold, italics and underline, you use the tags <b> text </b>, <i> text </i> and <u> text </u> respectively.

The font size can also be customized by using the code < font size = a> text </font>. This might be important especially when you want to create attention grabbing headlines for the products that you are advertising and selling. HTML offers about five different font sizes that you can choose from, the small one being number 1 and the largest 5. The code < center > text </center> is used to center your text so that it looks symmetrical.

It is also possible to add links to your eBay listings in order to connect your listings to your website or any other site that the visitor might find resourceful for what they are looking for. This can be done using the link <ahref=address> text </a>. HTML codes can also be used to add color to your eBay listing in order to make them visually appealing to visitors.

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