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Difference between Web Design and Web Development

Web Design | on Jul. 05, 2011 | by 0 Comments

Web designers and web developers are not the same thing because they perform different actions for the websites. Web designing is concerned with the design and content of the website while web developers are responsible for the functionality of the WebPages. This article describes the difference between the two. Before understanding the difference between the web designers and the web developers, it is necessary to have an idea about the different aspects of a website.

Overall appearance of the website
Overall appearance refers to the look and feel of the website. It is the task of the web designer to decide and use different colors, images and graphics to create the layout of the WebPages.

High-quality Content
Content of website includes every single word available on the website. Content is perceived to be the king because that’s what the internet users search for.

Functionality refers to interactive aspects and the animated work of the website. The web programmers use and apply different programming languages such as flash, Java, Perl and Php that make it possible for internet users to view WebPages.

Usability is evaluated from the users’ views and remarks about the website. When internet users open a website and navigate from one page to other, they get the idea how good or how bad the website is. Hence, usability of the website depends upon overall look and feel of the WebPages, user-friendly navigation, the relevant content and the loading time of the WebPages

Web Designers and web developers

Web design
Web Design is concerned with the good content and beautiful graphics to create an attracting look of the website. Web designers need creative content writers and web designers. The creative content writers provide articles and all the required content for the website. The web designers must be skilled enough to use graphic tools like Photoshop and HTML to design the WebPages with eye-catching graphics and beautiful animations.

Web development
Web development is totally different from web designing. It is concerned with the functionality and the usability of the website. Since web developers are responsible for the functionality of the website, they must possess the skill and expertise of HTML. The task of the web developers is to integrate all the WebPages, with the help of HTML, in a very effective way to provides visitors with the easy navigation. It is the responsibility of the web developers to test the usability of the website to know whether they are maintaining and developing the website successfully.

Businesses can hire any type of Web Company for its e-commerce solutions
Most web companies offer web designing as well as wed development services. Also there are specific companies that offer either web designing only or web developing only. It depends upon the businesses to decide which company to be hired. They can hire a company for web design and other for web development separately. Therefore, it would be very appropriate say that web designers and web developers work hand in hand.

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