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Importance of CSS in web development

Web Design | on May. 02, 2011 | by 0 Comments

Cascading Style Sheets are very important to webmasters. They are used for different purposes and one thing is clear; they improve the site incredibly.  Using CSS in your site ensures that your clients access the site regardless of the browser they are using as CSS allows the site to be compatible with all browsers. This way, clients can be able to access the site from any browser ensuring that you do not lose out on any potential client.

When images and other graphics are used in a site, the loading speed of the site decreases significantly and may frustrate your users. To avoid this, webmasters use CSS which allows the use of smaller files thereby decreasing the bandwidth of the site. Visitors to a site do not have a reputation of patience and the slightest delay in loading speed can make them log out of your site. With CSS however, the pages load much faster and the users are able to access the site within a short time not just from high speed cable internet but also from dial up modems.

CSS works perfectly well with HTML complementing its use in a site. HTML is not sufficient to make strong enough pages when used independently. When CSS is used together with the HTML, the result is strong pages which cannot break easily. At the same time, the two make the site to be print friendly. This is very important because some users like maintaining hard copies although they can access the content from your site. They may not be online at all times but would like to have the hard copy at such times. Elements of the website that may be hard to print for example images and other graphics can be printed easily with CSS.

Importance of CSS in editing, adding and deleting content from the site cannot be overemphasized. It is obvious that webmasters have to update their site from time to time. It could be a challenge when editing sites that have thousands of pages. In such a case, it would take ages to complete editing. However, when CSS is used, the workload is reduced drastically. This is because CSS allows the webmaster to handle all pages together. CSS nests all the pages of a website together which means they can be modified and updated at once.

The content being edited has to be positioned at specific locations within the site. This could be challenging but can be successfully overcome by the use of CSS. CSS uses pixels making it easier to position any element art any part of the site. This saves not only time but a lot of other resources.

Cascading Style Sheets are important in search engine rankings. They trim the HTML making it easy for the search engine spider to locate your site. Users can therefore be able to access the site fast enough from the search engines. It is evident that use of CSS in websites attracts a lot of traffic and increases profits.

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