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Web Design for ecommerce Sites

Web Design | on Jul. 05, 2011 | by 0 Comments

There are two types of sites available over the internet; first one is general informative sites and the second one is ecommerce sites. Informative sites are generally static sites and people mostly go to those sites to come to know about various information. There is no transaction takes place in such sites; but on the other hand, people buy services or products from the ecommerce websites. The mechanism of working of an ecommerce website is completely different from the general informative websites. The procedure of building or designing an ecommerce website is also different and complex in comparison to the static informative websites. Let us discuss, which points should be taken care of, at the time of building a ecommerce website.

? First of all, an ecommerce website should look good. People love good looking websites; so the looks of an ecommerce website should be enchanting.
? An ecommerce website should be user friendly. If a person faces difficulties in navigating through the website, then they will never come back to that particular website. An ecommerce website should be done in such a manner that a person should face no hassle in navigating through the website.
? There is a payment page has to be there in every website, where people will make the payment for the goods or services at that page. That page has to be really protected and safe. Otherwise, important information about the credit or debit cards of the people can be stolen and once that happened, people will never trust to buy from that site. There are several companies are giving protection to the online payment gateways, you should avail safety service from any of the reputed service provider to protect that page of your website.
? An ecommerce website needs to be ultra light in weight. Heavy websites take time to get loaded and it is a very frustrating experience for someone using a slow internet connection to load a heavy website. So a designer should try to make an ecommerce website as less as possible, as far as weight is concerned.
? The products and services available for sale in a particular ecommerce website should be described in a very detailed manner. If there is any photo is necessary then the photo should be given so that the buyer can get a clear view of the product, he or she is going to buy. There should be photos of the product from different angles and there should be a facility to zoom in. people love to buy from those sites, where clear picture of the products are available. If possible, then one should try to give HD photos for even a better view. Generally, the weight of the HD photos is more than the general photos but the clarity of the HD pictures are really appreciable.

If anyone keeps the above mentioned facts in mind at the time of building a website, then he or she should be able to make a great ecommerce website.

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