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Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Web Design | on Jul. 05, 2011 | by 0 Comments

There are some blunders and mistakes, which any web designer must watch out in order to avoid any serious defect from happening to their websites. Most of the errors made in web designing have outcomes such as less traffic, heavy in loading, dull in outlook, uninteresting and something like that. The mistakes can be easily avoided and hence their corresponding outcomes.

One common mistake that does not sound like a mistake but it acts so bad when employed and that is using extravagant and superfluous text. Most users access the webpage in first sight instead of reading it all the way down. The text must be exactly relevant and up-front. Too much padding should be avoided.

Flash websites are a symbol of sophisticated modern techniques but overusing flash is not preferable because of the extra load it puts on the loading process of the page. Flash contents are also apt to deflect the attention of user from the actual content due to their multimedia and non-static qualities.

Navigation system needs careful work while designing your website. Navigation of your website must be easy, simple and well organized to prevent the problems that user might face while surfing through your website. The users more often come across situations like getting lost inside your website and could not find the page they wished to return to later and therefore they just quitted and got rid altogether.

If your page contains links, you should make them distinct from the ordinary text. They should be free of any confusion and that the used links should be distinct from unused links. You can use something like coloring to do so. For example, you may color the unused links in blue while for used links you may color them in red.

Spelling and grammar mistakes should be avoided as they leave harsh impressions upon the reader’s mind. The user will assume you of an unprofessional and illiterate sort of thing. Secondly, the user will lose confidence concerning your material and immediately ignore your website altogether.

Using extra-long pages has the same effect as that of using bulk of text. Users mostly, do not like to bother themselves in finding the material they need inside an un-ending page. They just get out of your site. Use pages that could display only what is right and necessary and nothing much else.

Using un-necessarily the registration systems are not good at all. Try to be simple and use them only at extreme necessity because it makes users feel very unpleasant and lazy to fill up huge forms, go through number of steps and wait until a subscription is made. Most of the users I have seen just close the website that contains the word ‘register’.
Search Engine Optimization is an advisable tool to enhance the website traffic and to prove straightforward in regards to the required material of users. Make use of the text that is search engine optimized or even if you are having difficulties in these situations, there is nothing to panic because of dozens of SEO people out there. You can hire or just verify your site by an SEO.

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