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Little Known Duties Of A Webmaster

Webmaster resources | on Apr. 28, 2011 | by 0 Comments

The job description of a webmaster is usually direct and easy to understand. They are the personnel charged with the maintenance of a website, whatever this may involve. The complexity of the job increases as the tasks the webmaster is charged with increases. Since they are experts, abound with knowledge in different areas including but not limited to web design, web developing and programming, the responsibilities that they are entrusted with are quite diverse. While the basic duties are easy to understand, there are others that are not readily pointed out. These are the little known duties that are pointed out in this context.


Webmasters keep a track of the kind of advertisements that are allowed on the website that they are running. They are in charge of keeping an inventory list of the advertisements that have been run on the website, and how long they have been allowed. Advertisements are one of the major ways that websites gain revenue. It is however gravely important to ensure that the webmasters regulate the kind of advertisements run on the website. At the very least, they have to target the same audience that the site is targeting, if the advertisements are to direct any traffic to the sites they are meant for. The nature of the advertisement also matters, as there are adverts that are likely to be offensive to some visitors especially if they are of an adult nature. These need not be allowed to the website for the obvious reason that they may not go down well with some visitors, and this may lead to their never visiting again.


A webmaster is in charge of troubleshooting any problems that the site may experience, regardless of the kind of problem in particular. This is quite a high expectation especially when there is uncertainty in the kind of problem that is likely to be experienced. To ascertain that they are capable of dealing with the task, they are required to have diverse knowledge in anything that is important in the running of a website. They should take care of broken links, overlapping pages, registration irregularities and so on. They of course reserve the power of delegating the problem to other team members, if they have a team, as they are more specialized.


Webmasters do a statistical analysis of the site. Though there may be dedicated software meant for this very purpose, a webmaster is actually supposed to keep a record of it. It mostly involves getting a record of the kind of traffic received in the site. This information is then used in productive ways- for instance, in inspiring more productive methods of website marketing which are likely to draw larger internet audiences to the site.


Truth is, it is nearly impossible to enlist all the tasks that the perfect webmaster is expected to carry out, mostly because the list would be too long. The biggest variable that affects this is that different webmasters, entrusted with different responsibilities, have different scopes of what they are expected to do.

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